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Share Expertise Regarding Lighting Applications — Our Lighting Specialists have the breadth of experience and knowledge to help you determine the lighting and controls that work best with your application and your specific needs.

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Perform Lighting Audits — A lighting audit is a survey of a customer’s existing lighting system. The survey helps a customer review their current lighting usage and helps establish a baseline for the cost of running their current lighting setup. From this information, our Lighting Specialists can present energy-saving alternatives. Perform Lighting Analysis — Lighting analysis takes the lighting audit a step further by calculating total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) as well as other calculations to determine energy, labor and environmental savings. With these calculations, our Lighting Specialists can propose a solution that best meets your budget and goals while also considering future upgrades. Design Lighting Layouts —Whether your lighting project is new construction, an upgrade to LED or a total lighting redesign, our Lighting Specialists can provide a detailed lighting layout for your project. The lighting layout is designed with Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) recommendations and based on information gathered through a lighting audit or from customer provided information such as building size, reflectance, fixture type, situational lighting, etc. Once completed, a quote will be presented along with spec sheets for the proposed products. Recommend Control Options — Our Lighting Specialists can recommend lighting control options for additional energy savings and increased functionality of your lighting products. Options include: occupancy sensors, wall switch/ dimmers, panels, photocells, power/relay packs, controllers and luminaires with embedded controls.

KIRBY RISK OFFERS BENEFICIAL LIGHTING SERVICES Kirby Risk offers an array of services that address the unique challenges presented when designing lighting for any industrial, commercial or new construction project. Our knowledgeable Lighting Specialists can help you determine the best options available to meet your lighting needs while helping reduce labor and energy costs.

I recall thinking I was living in a world of high technology.

When I was a kid, I believed I lived in a high tech world. I remember when TVs came with remote controls. Gone were the days of getting up to change the channels for my father. Cable TV replaced the table top rabbit ear antennas and the game “pong” seemed so futuristic at that time. All those advancements back then made us feel like we were living the high life. Thinking back, it’s hard to believe that artificial intelligence (AI) was first introduced to the manufacturing industry in the late 1960s. Back then, the idea of AI technology seemed like something from a futuristic sci-fi book or movie. But 60 years later, we find ourselves living in a reality where AI in manufacturing has grown to include the complete automation of production lines and more.

In this issue of Connected , we explore how automation, artificial intelligence and virtual reality technologies have become important processes of business and everyday life.

We also look at automated lighting controls that go far beyond a dimmer switch to include wireless communication systems for lighting.

Learn how smart sensor and condition monitoring technologies have teamed up to provide solutions for customers with large gear drives.


Offer Samples and Demos — If a customer still has questions regarding a particular lighting or control product, our Lighting Specialists can often secure samples to use in a small trial area. These samples allow the customer to test products before committing to a purchase.

Even training has gotten a futuristic makeover with virtual reality in the workplace.

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As you flip through the pages of this issue, the message will be clear — we truly are living in the future.

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Kip Anderson, Lighting Manager and Lisa Baker, Lighting Specialist, contributed to this article



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